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What makes you better than all the other tipsters? Category - Uncategorised

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What makes you any better than all the other tipsters?

Bob Rothman, our founder, has been at this game for 20 years. He has done what he says and we can prove it:

  • Read our testimonials from delighted customers.
  • See the newspaper articles from the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Sun and so on. Feel free to check them out at your local library.
  • Bob puts his money where his mouth is. Although it’s difficult for us to place bets with the bookies (Because of our track record), every selection Bob gives out is a horse that we invest our own money in. We are one of the few professional services operated by a genuine professional gambler who bets on his own selections.
  • He has been in this business for 20 years… while countless others have quietly disappeared. Gambling is a brutal business and only the best survive.

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