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Start of the Flat – BOOM! 3 out of 3 winners! Category - Results

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    • March

March 26th : Start of the flat season and BOOM 3 out of 3 winners!

The flat started today which was very exciting. Especially with 3 out of 3 wins.
Lots of great information came in. Before passing it on to our members, I like to make sure I’ve done my own study on it and built the best investment portfolio for the day.

First word was from Dubai. This horse had been working well and stable contacts fancied it to win. Win it did!
BOOM! POSTPHONED (shared to members at 7/4). He smashed it. What a machine! Only 1 sec off the course record!
Here in the UK, it’s early days in the new flat 2016 season. So the races over the next few weeks will confirm how forward each of our stables runners are and how good their horses are this year. As such some tough races today and whilst worth our interest, not ones to go mad over. Here I suggested a double on BOATER and CHUPALLA to get even more on our investment!
BOOM! The double landed for BOATER and CHUPALLA.

I love hearing from members who get the better of the bookies. One member did his 1st trixy and was ecstatic to win £2500 just today!

Terrific start to the flat season and looks like it will be another profitable year!