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Cobham, 2.46pm Monday

Awesome week! £17,255.00 Profit!


This is the time of year when our betting on the Flat starts taking 2nd place to the Jumps. Many Flat horses are now losing their summer coat and going over the top making results more erratic. We had more bets over the sticks this week and the week’s results clearly demonstrated that the New Jump Season is now starting to pay its way. Let’s hope it continues as well as it’s started!

6 Bets 4 winners!

We had 6 bets over the sticks with 4 good winners at fantastic prices. We usually have an advantage at the start of a new season because not everyone knows which horses are fit before they’ve run. That means you can get better odds as we did last week.

****** was pretty stunning as an example. It was hard to believe you could bet a horse at 9/1 that was trading at odds-on in running well before the race was over … and at a very short price for most of the time … he was travelling so well you could call him the winner from a long long way out! ****** at 11/2, ****** at 11/4 and  ****** on Sunday at 13/2 were all great big priced winners too so despite a substandard Saturday with several Flat horses running well below expectations and just the one winner we ended up with a handsome 172 points profit on the week! £17,255.00 to £100 per point stakes. Awesome!


Nice start to the week with 2 winners 2 seconds. But how cruel was ******? He had to run wide most of the race yet was still well ahead in the last furlong and in the words of the Racing Post was “mown down last strides!”  It was carnage for the “Betting In Running” Professionals who were betting him at 1/5 in the last furlong! Ouch! At least we were on each way at big odds around 11/2 and made a small profit anyway. They lost their shirts! It was one of those races were afterwards you’re left wondering “how the heck did he get beat from there?”


****** ran too free early on yet was still close up and only run out of second close home. Worth keeping an eye on.

****** battled for the early lead but as a result blew up in the last furlong after looking like he had the race at his mercy. He needs to be ridden with more restraint.


A Fabulous Day! Two great winners. ****** was the cream! I love backing 9/1 winners don’t you? Even if you missed that and only got 8/1 you had to be feeling pretty smug when he was an enormous gamble just before the off and went off the heavily backed 4/1 second favourite. He’d been schooling brilliantly and I guess when the bookies were hit for 6 they may have finally twigged it was a proper “job”.  The race was named in honour of  ****** and the bookmakers eventually got the clue that ****** might just have laid it out to win this and dived for cover like headless chickens as they so often do when faced with professional money!!

****** was an effortless winner making it a great day.


Profits on the week zoomed up to over £10,000! These are the weeks I love! Our Jump contacts proved they are in excellent form when  ****** was well backed and landed a lovely 11/2 winner for us.   ****** won a decent bet and the other two bets were both placed. I know they can’t all win but I don’t mind if they go close. This was a really good day!


A poor day’s racing and looked like we’d have no bets. Then we got a late message for one which was heavily backed yet ran badly. No excuses and odd because our late messages usually run great.


On the plus side our sole bet over the Jumps won well.  ****** was another ******  runner that was having his seasonal debut and proved he was as fit as our spies reported, winning easily and being heavily backed to do so.

The Flat horses were disappointing.  ****** won the race last year and had been targeted at it yet ran no race. Afterwards they agreed she gone over the top and the race had probably come a week too late. It is hard to get horses to peak for a race and usually you have a 2 week window where you can keep them at peak fitness before you have to let them down and then build up again.

Our reports on ****** proved to be accurate as we’d heard he was working better than the original favourite (******) at home (both trained by same stable) he beat him in the race but neither were good enough and it looks like their horses have also gone over the top after a long hard season.

****** travelled like the best horse but found disappointingly little when ****** asked him to quicken. They blamed the ground but I’d like to reserve judgment. He’s such a good horse at home he wins his gallops on the bridle so they didn’t know how good he was. It’s possible he’s a “bridle” horse who finds little for pressure and because he’s used to winning easily at home has never had to develop his battling qualities. Rather like humans who have life way too easy and are over-spoilt by rich parents. They may be talented but often are losers in life! Time will tell.


What a great way to end the week!  ****** was a stunning 13/2 winner for us. Sorry we missed the early 7/1 because I wanted to study the race for a bit longer after I got the message. After Saturday I was treading a bit carefully.

He was a great winner and it would have been too cruel if he’d got beaten like ******. 18 lengths clear at the second last when he hit it, and then blundered at the last as well! He had enough left to still win but it would have been even more authoritive had he not messed up the last two hurdles! He probably went too far ahead too early but was the best horse at the weights so why not!

All in all a Great Week. 172 Points profit is fantastic for a years betting let alone a week! No complaints even though  ****** getting caught close home cost us another 65 points! Can’t be too greedy I guess! But I do love beating the bookies and giving them a good kick in the pants don’t you?!

All the best,

Bob Rothman


June               =   £45,892.50 Profit

July                 =   £11,367.00 Profit

August           =   £30,492.50 Profit

September  =   £75,805 .00 Profit