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For the Professional Trader or Serious Enthusiast

Sorry this service is currently full!

Full Service Top quality Racing Tips delivered straight to your mobile!

This is a new service and the ‘club’ of participants is restricted. This is for serious investors who bet to make a profit and enjoy being equiped with high quality information to maximise their advantage over the bookmaker.

You must be able to act quickly as information is recieved throughout racing. For example we may pass on late gambles too sensitive to give out early, relay late calls from the track or other Professionals or pounce on significant market moves for horses we are waiting to bet.  These bets are extremely short notice during the live betting market and are only suitable for a limited number of serious investors.

What information will I receive?

Average of 3-8 bets a day.  Texts are beamed direct to your mobile in seconds so you can maximise winnings by securing the best odds. The message will include:

Horse name – The odds – The stake in points – Win or Each Way.

The stakes vary according to how much value I see in the bet and will vary from 1-50 points. (As a guide you ideally need a betting bank of a minimum of 1000 points. )

I bet £100 a point, so a 5 point each-way bet means I’d be having £500 each way. You don’t have to follow my staking plan  but I believe you’ll maximise your winnings if you do. Likewise when I bet each way you don’t have to do the same. But in the long run I believe you will win more money by following me as closely as possible.

Betting professional services often means acting quickly to obtain the best possible odds for your bet to maximise your profits.  You will limit your profits if you don’t act promptly when a text is received because 90% of these horses will shorten.

A Weekly Business Report is prepared and either sent out or made available to you using a secure password.

What does it cost?

Your investment can be quickly recovered. Over £300,000.00 Profit at £100 per point stakes since it’s launch in June 2008!

Membership costs £1995 a month  or £995 per month and a £5 per point profit share. There are no long term commitments, so you always know how much you are in pocket. You are in control. And my reputation is on the line.

A final thought…

It is totally different from our previous one bet a day odds to service. On our  dry run with real cash and a real bookmaker this year (2007/8) the result was a fantastic  £85,741.50  profit in 46 weeks! Yet again – we were banned by the bookie ( “You are the most succesful punter percentage wise Betfred have ever had”  … Dont Believe us? We are willing to give you documented proof: Betfred’s letter closing our acount and Betfred’s statement showing, day by day, each bet, its winnings and losses and the final return – £85,741.50  profit in 46 weeks! Just email in and we’ll send one over.

Sounds too good to be true? Well…

After officially launching the text service on 5th June we stand at over £300,000.00 profit at £100 per point stakes since launch. To see details of this take a look at our results page to see the weekly report.

Please Note! To maximise returns from this service you will benefit by having accounts with as many bookmakers as possible so you can always secure the best prices. Using telephone or internet betting accounts you will be able to act swiftly because most of these bets will shorten quickly. ” target=”_blank”>Click here to check for bookmakers you may want accounts with.