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Oddschecker Category - Blog

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So what is oddschecker?

Oddschecker is an odds comparison website and a great tool for any serious investor whether you are betting on horses football or sport.  If example you are betting on horseracing then select the  horse racing tab on the left-hand side. It’s usually the second one down. The makes plans to give you various options including each meeting for that day as well as ante-post betting, international horse racing, and sometimes the next day’s racing.  Simply select at the meeting for which you are interested and you’ll get the overview screen showing the first half-dozen runners for each race with the best odds available in brackets.

If the odds are in green it means there’s been no price movement so far today.

If the odds are shown  in blue it means that the odds are shortening and the horse is a steamer.  In other words it’s been attracting money and has been well bet.  It’s a good indication the horse is fancied and likely to run a good race today.

And if the odds show and in red it means the horse has been drifting in the betting and the likely conclusion is that it’s not particularly fancied today.

However the real value of odds checker or any similar odds comparison website is the speed at which you can check to see which bookmaker is offering the best odds for your selection. If you’re investing any sort of significant money, perhaps £100 or more a race getting an extra point or even half a point for your selection is worth £50 to £100 every time you win.  Lets say you bet one horse a day and average just 2 winners a week. That’s an average £5,000 to £10,000 a year additiona profit! Let no one kid you, getting good odds is art of the key of professional Betting.

To use oddschecker in detail simply select the race that you are interested in and the detailed screen loads per with the bookmakers at the top and the horses down the side in a matrix with every price shown for each bookmaker and every horse.

The bets odds for any horse is shown in bold so you can easily scan and immediately see which bookmakers offering the best odds.

A quick word of warning!

Oddschecker collects   its data by screen scraping the bookmaker’s sites so as a result sometimes it’s price changes are delayed and in the odds displayed by Oddschecker are out of date and had already changed especially in rapidly moving markets.  It can be very frustrating to see good odds available and then when you ring the bookmaker you discover the odds have changed a couple of minutes ago.  We are currently developing a faster version of this data collecting software and will be making it available on this website shortly.

It’s also good to be aware that If you click on the odds you will conveniently be taken through to that bookmakers’ website so you can place a bet at that price.

However if it’s a bookmaker you don’t already have an account with … remember  you would qualify for a free bet when you open a new account so don’t waste this bet.  Open a an account and claim your free bet!  If you do not have an account with that’s bookmaker check on the free bets avaialable on this website  to see if the bookmaker is offering a free bet when you open an account.  Most do offer something in the region of £25 to £50 as a matched free bet to your first bet, although some of as much hair is £200.  You certainly don’t want to be missing out on a free £200 do you?


Oddschecker is overall an excellence odds comparison website and one that you should certainly consider adding it to your betting tool chest. It also has some neat tools such as a steamers tab showing you the biggest shorteners of the day. Personally I find it useful to to open two or three web browsers simultaneously so I can monitor several markets at the same time. Admittedly  I do have the luxury of a multiscreen trading station to help me do this but if example you were looking at plcing bets in a couple of races and are monitoring teh market to see what odds are available you might like to open up both races and have them minimised so you can rapidly access them and decide the right time you want to place your bets.